Material Contained in the Cultural Centre

1 Private Collections
2 Archives of the Community
3 Printed Material
4 History of organisations
5 Photographic material
6 Visual aids
7 Recordings of events
8 Ecclesiastical items
9 Costumes
10 Library


1.1 The journalist Lambros Pashalidis's private collection is comprised of newspapers articles, personal correspondence, correspondence with politicians, writers, and commentators, photographs, copies of the newspaper "kyriaki", theatre plays, CD’s, books and joumals from Egypt dating back to 1889, containing historical information about the Greek Community in Egypt.
1.2 Collection of photographs of concern to the community, from the album of Milton Lalas.
1.3 Collection of photographs of Evdokia Nakou from Newcastle, the association "Efsevia"
and functions of the Community in 1957.
1.4 Collection of photographs from Fofis Pashalidis-James column "I Galatia Apanta"(Galatia responds) 1972-1979.


2.1 Minutes from the executive (1903-1012, 1926-1930,1945....)
Minutes from various committees (school committee, festival committee, womens committee,) correspondence (1950..... ), notices, architectural plans, students rolls from the evening schools, teachers rolls, children’s plays, students' works, students’ reports, awards, photographs, financial reports, banners, radio programs, newspapers, members rolls, membership applications, newspaper clippings, text books etc.


3.1 Newspapers. Neos Pyrsos, Neos Kosmos, Krytika Nea, Parikiako Vyma, Nei Orizontes Kosmos, Vima, Nea Patrida, Ellinikos Kirikas, Greeks of Africa, counties, informations etc.
3.2 Programs-Journals. Programs and journals of Greek descent in NSW such as Cyprus,
Crete, Pontis, Macedonians, programs of the Archdiocese, of other Communities, of Political
Parties, of Theatrical Plays, etc..
3.2 Programs, announcements, notifications, leaflets and special leaflets for the Greek Festival
3.3 Magazines, Old and new from Cyprus and Greece such as the "Andi" "North lpiros"
“Our Cyprus", "Atlantis", "Panorama", “Greeks of the Diaspora", "Here Greece" and others.


4.1 The Federation of the Greek Orthodox Communities. Minutes (1958-....) circulars, announcements, correspondence with the Greek and the Australian Church Authorities, correspondence with various communities, documents from Congresses.
4.2 Organisations - Brotherhoods. Up until now there is a history of 50 organisations and brotherhoods, with minute books, correspondence, constitutions, announcements, photographs, calendars and newspapers.
4.3 Countries. Historical material from various committees such as the Peace committee, Polytechnic committee, May Day committee, participation with the Trade Union Movement, with education, participation with the movement for the restoration of democracy in Greece 1967. etc. All this material is illustrated with photographs.
4.4 Archdiocese. Correspondence, announcements, circulars, journals etc are available.


5.1 Photographs from the Community's evening schools, from school functions, from
National Anniversaries, from protest gatherings.
5.2 Photographs from functions held by the Greek Festival in Sydney
5.3 Photographs from the awards of D." Solomos" and from conferences in the Greek language.
5.4 Photographs from the Social Services of EOK from child minding centres, from old people's homes etc.


There are
6.1 Video cassettes from lectures, functions, concerts from the EFS.
6.2 Video cassettes from various events in the Greek Community.
6.3 Video cassettes for educational purposes.
6.4 Cassettes with interviews from personalities about historical and artistic events in the community
6.5 Cassettes with artistic Greek- music
6.6 Music records.
6.7 Slides.
6.8 Reels and cassettes from the radio station of Cyprus (1982.....)


7.1 Records of marriages.
7.2 Records of Baptisms which where performed at the churches that belong to the Greek
Community (1952.....)
7.3 Records of passports.


8.1 There are about 100 Icons from the Holy Trinity church dating back from 1901 to 1975 including the names of the donors.
8.2 Ecclesiastical items. (book stands, sacred lamps, crosses, dating back to 1899.
8.3 Ecclesiastical books dated back to 1891
8.4 Ecclesiastical apparel (round covers for the sepulchral, the holy ceremony of the burial of
8.5 Wedding Wreaths from 1951-1984.
8.6 Announcements, correspondence from 1955-....
8.7 Church furniture ( pews, bible stands, sepulchral, ecclesiastical organ etc.)


9.1 There are Ethnic costumes that were made by members of the Greek Community (1963-) and that have been used by dancing groups at various functions of the community (and also at the inauguration of the Opera House).
9.2 There are some theatrical costumes.

There is a good collection of books by Greek as well as Greek/ Australian writers and poets.
It is the aim of the directors of the centre to amass all the works of all the writers and poets of the community.
The collection consists of historical books, short stories, poetry, theatre plays and childrerns books.
There are also some in English.
The Library is not in a position for the time being to lend out items.
The centre is made available to those who wish to use it.